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The BIMobject® Blog

The future of construction

Construction is a notoriously conservative industry, blighted by inefficient processes leading to spiralling costs, excessive waste, and unnecessary delays. Today, disruptive tech companies like BIMobject are challenging the industry status quo with digital solutions to bring construction up to par with other sectors that until recently have lead the way in digitalisation. Stefan Larsson, CEO and founder of BIMobject, develops his views on the subject in this interview with Sarah Lockett from The Business Debate.

There have long been calls for construction to modernise and embrace digital practices with concerns over its poor productivity and lack of accountability. Progress is being made mainly thanks to enforced adoption with the mandating of BIM (Building Information Modelling) by national governments, but as BIMobject CEO Stefan Larsson points out, “construction companies no longer have a choice”.

The first to see the value of BIM adoption have been manufacturers, who can now use platforms like the BIMobject® Cloud to connect with the AEC community and have their products specified early in the design phase of a building. In turn, designers, engineers, and architects now have a one-stop place to acquire digital versions of real products for their designs. Using the data, they can create calculations and simulations to tackle configuration and assembly issues much earlier. As Larsson puts it, the BIMobject Cloud serves as a digital lego box, where everything can be checked digitally beforehand, and processes such as procurement, delivery, and assembly can be automated. Digitalisation enables construction to compress the processes, significantly reducing costs, delays and risks.

In this interview, Stefan Larsson develops his view on the future of construction.

Theoriginal article by The Business Debate on this subject can be read here.