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The BIMobject® Blog

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  • Month: May 2015
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    BIMscript™ a new worldwide standard for objects

    A smart and open script for objects has been a dream for all, a vision for some, but for us, it is part of our MISSION!

    BIM is about collaborative information management and increasing the ability to spread know-how to all parties. Cloud and object technology give us new ways to resolve this going beyond “ordinary” BIM or simple BIM objects that are made out of a set of properties connected to simple geometry and sometimes these properties are without values (object authors want the designers to fill it out!)

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    BIMobject Newsletter 2015-05-29

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    BIMscript™ and LENA

    We are very proud to uncover the next part of the future!

    With the release of BIMobject® LENA for Rhino and BIMscript™, we can now offer partners, 3rd party developers, manufacturers and even users of the new platform - Hercules - a new streamlined process to transition from Mechanical CAD to intelligent BIM objects, managed through cloud services.

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    Hello BIMobject world!

    Welcome to the first blog post from the BIMobject camp

    Keep up to date with whats happening on We will also be posting on what is happening in and around the BIM world. There is a lot going on here at BIMobject, we thought that there would be no better place where we can share everything with you, our users, than our very own BIMobject Blog. You will be able to find everything from our weekly newsletter to updates about new versions of our BIMobject® Apps, trade shows we are visiting and updates to the site.

    We are very excited about our new blog and hope that you will come back to follow us on this journey.

    /The BIMobject team

    BIMobject Newsletter 2015-05-21

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