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    But I still haven't found what I'm looking for

    "But I still haven't found what I'm looking for"

    In this post I would like to clarify how the search and filtering functionality work on bimobject.com

    There are three main areas you can search for BIM object on bimobject.com and a lot more filtering options. BIMobject Categories, Brands and Free Text Search. I will explain how each of these three areas work for searching and filtering for BIM objects on bimobject.com for the best user experience

    1.BIMobject Categories:

    There are 22 BIMobject Categories you can choose from, these are available as clickable pictograms just underneath the free search field or on the left hand side bar under the "filter products" area on the Browse BIM objects

    When you click on the BIMobject Categories you will also see all of the sub-categories under each of the 22 main BIM categories too. When you select one or multiple sub-categories you will then be given the possibility to be able to start filtering on specific criteria, like width, height, classification and a whole lot more.

    2. Brands:

    When you search for Doors, you will see all of the brands on bimobject.com who have the word Door in their brand name. See the image below

    3. Free text search:

    This is were things start to become interesting and confusing. The free text search works in the following, simple way. If you on the word Door, the search algorithm looks for all of the description text which contains thew word door, pretty simple, but if you combine it with other words, like White Door with Glass your search result will be all products that have any of the following words in the description text White Door with Glass. In this case, your results could include other prodcuts other than doors.

    The video below give you an over view and expiation of the above.

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