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The BIMobject® Press room

    Real products for your creative projects!

    The BIMobject® Cloud is growing like never before, and we keep adding new BIM objects and new brands every week. Manufacturers like Philips, Altech, Meganite, VELUX, Ytong, Peneder, Viessman, Interpon, and Zurn Industries all contributed to the latest round of content. Come check them out!

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    BIMobject releases toolkit to help digitalise the construction industry

    BIMobject releases a toolkit for easy, seamless integration of BIM-softwares with the corporation’s cloud-based platform, which hosts digital building products. This gives building product manufacturers more marketing channels and easier access to the platform’s user base.

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    New BIM objects added at an ever-increasing speed!

    Manufacturers like LG Electronics, REGENT, GEALAN, Metawell, Siemens, Lindab, Brasilit, Placo Brasil and Weber Saint-Gobain BR, Schneider Electric and FASUAL are all contributing to the latest round of content – ready for you to download and use in your creative projects. See you in the BIMobject® Cloud!

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    Use the BIMobject Cloud to find all the content you need in one place!

    Manufacturers like Oventrop, Lundhs Real Stone, IVAR, and GalaProdukt are among the many contributors to the latest round of BIM objects on the platform. Browse, find, and create!

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    BIMobject signs cooperation agreement with Zynka BIM

    BIMobject enters into a strategic cooperation with Swedish BIM consulting company Zynka BIM in order to offer a complete solution for the digitalisation of built properties. Zynka BIM is well-established in digitalisation for leading property managers. The consulting company will use the cloud-based BIMobject platform to manage all product data in its projects, which adds value through information that is guaranteed to be correct and up-to-date.

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