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The BIMobject® Press room

Language Support Integrated into the BIMobject Portal

The building component portal, by BIMobject®, takes another technology leap in web and cloud solutions with integrated language support. The BIMobject solution is the central repository on the cloud where component manufacturer’s BIM objects are stored together with their product information. BIMobject publishes BIM objects on the internet in a unique way with a focus on Google being used as the search engine. Within days this ensures an object can be at the top of the Google organic search ranking with Google also presenting the actual building component as a web based BIMobject. This new support for languages will further enhance the appeal of the BIMobject portal in non-English speaking countries.

Multi-language support will greatly enhance the experience for many users and make it easier to access and use the BIM objects published on the portal. This further supports the BIMobject mission, of being the primary global BIM object content provider for the building industry, by attracting more BIM users across the world.

The version released provides the BIM object catalogue in English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and German. More languages will be added during 2013.

All search, filter and integrated functions are available in the different languages so users can use the portal in their native language or the language required for the project. All the language features are available immediately in the highly popular BIMobject APP for Autodesk Revit and AutoCAD.

The integrated support for languages in the BIMobject portal also benefits international component manufacturers with a much reduced maintenance on making available country specific BIM objects. And where manufacturers have their own private clouds to publish BIMobject catalogues they can also choose the most appropriate language.