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The BIMobject® Press room

    Not just information – inspiration!

    Besides vital, high-quality information, the digital building products in the BIMobject Cloud contain something that’s just as important: the potential to inspire you as you plan, visualise, and create. Take a look at the latest BIM objects in categories such as Flooring, Building Materials, and Lighting!

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    Explore the latest BIMobject Cloud additions

    The BIMobject Cloud keeps growing as building product manufacturers around the world realise the importance of digital processes. This week, Capdell, Kohler, and VIVOTEK are among the many brands who join our efforts to provide you with the right digital content for your project. Explore them and plenty of others below!

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    Your new BIM objects await!

    The newest digital building products are waiting for you in the BIMobject Cloud. Whether you're looking for that one object to inspire you or trusted content to make your vision take shape, it's all ready to go with the click of the download-button.

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    Streamline your workflow with the BIMobject Cloud

    With more than 300,000 BIM objects ready for download, the BIMobject Cloud lets you cut down on repetitive tasks and spend more time on what you do best. Explore the latest objects in Doors, Walls, Lighting and plenty of other categories!

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    BIM objects as fresh as your ideas

    There isn’t a BIM object category on our platform that rests for long. New digital building products are added constantly to provide you with everything from Walls and Electronics to HVAC. Use the search and filter options to find exactly what you need, or click directly on the manufacturers below!

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