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Unique ref.: TRIPLUS
Brand: Valsir
Product family: Waste and Drainage System
Product group: Triplus
Date of publishing: 2017-05-25
Edition number: 3
Type: Assembly (multiple objects)
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The evolution of push-fit waste and drainage systems.
TRIPLUS® is a triple layer soundproof system for high and low temperature waste system, for ventilation of waste system and for rainwater drainage inside civil and industrial buildings (composed by light blue polypropilene for external and internal layers and black polypropylene with minerals loads for intermediate layer). Industrialized, produced and patented by Valsir, that guarantees the levels of low noise emissions of waste system required by the regulations, law and standards in force.
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Triple-layer push-fit soundproof waste system.
Soundproof waste system composed of pipes, fittings and accessories for drainage inside the building.
Pipes made of three layers with an outside and inside layer in homo-polymer polypropylene and middle layer in black polypropylene with mineral loads.
The fittings are made of homopolymer polypropylene with mineral loads.
All the materials used in the production of the system are halogen free. Manufactured and certified by leading international bodies in compliance with EN 1451-1, suitable for the drainage of fluids, in compliance with ISO TR 10358, at an atmospheric pressure and a maximum operating temperature of 80°C and 95°C for short periods, with pH between 2 and 12.
Can be used at environmental temperatures of no lower than -10°C. Used in the construction of waste systems inside the building or anchored externally to the walls of the building (application area B) or embedded directly in the concrete; also suitable for the creation of ventilation and rainwater drainage systems and vacuum systems.
Joints are made with push-fit sockets and elastomer seals.
The waste system has a sound level Lsc,A of 12 dB(A) measured with a flow of 2 l/s with a De 110 system in compliance with EN 14366 and certified by the Fraunhofer Institut Für Bauphysik in Stuttgart (P-BA 227/2006).
Density of pipe at 23°C >1200 kg/m3 (inside layer >1800 kg/m3).
Density of fittings at 23°C >1400 kg/m3, melt index
(230°C - 2.16 kg) <5 g/10 min, elasticity modulus 1500 MPa, tensile strength >18 MPa, ultimate elongation >100%, linear heat expansion coefficient 0.08 mm/m•°C.
Euroclass D-s3,d0 fire performance rating in compliance with EN 13501-1.

Material main: Polypropylene
Material secondary: Mineral
Designed in: Italy
Manufactured in: Italy

BIMobject Category: Plumbing - Pipes
IFC classification: Pipe Fitting
UNSPSC name: Plumbing connectors
UNSPSC code: 40141720
Uniclass 1.4 Code: L73121
Uniclass 1.4 Description: Pipes and fittings
Uniclass 2.0 Code: PR-62-64
Uniclass 2.0 Description: Pipe Fittings
NBS Reference Code: 62-64
NBS Reference Description: Pipe Fittings

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