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08 Series Fire Alarm Horn Strobe Z series

Unique ref.: siemens-3015
Brand: Siemens US
Product family: Electronics
Product group: Manual Alert Control
Date of publishing: 2017-01-17
Edition number: 1
The Series Z Notification Appliances feature an easy snap-on base that is designed to simplify the instal­lation and testing of horns, strobes, and horn/strobes. The separate Series Z snap on base can be pre-wired so circuit wiring can be fully tested before the appliance is installed and before the walls are covered. Once all sur­rounding work is complete, the appliance can be simply installed by snapping it on the base. Shorting contacts in the base, which provide continuity for circuit testing, are permanently opened when the appliance is installed so any subsequent removal of the appliance will indicate a trouble condition on that circuit at the control panel when circuit supervision is enabled. The same base is used for all Series Z horns, strobes and horn/strobes to provide consistent installation and easy replacement of appli­ances if required. A locking screw is also included for the appliance to provide extra secure installation. The Series Z appliances incorporate the same dependable circuitry and high efficiency optics that are used in ST Strobes. NS horn/strobes and NH horns and have the same high performance ratings. Wall Mount models feature field selectable candela settings of 15/30/75/110cd and 135/185cd. Ceiling Mount models feature field selectable candela settings of 15/30/75/95cd and 115/177cd. Strobes can be synchronized using the 5406B sync modules, MPC-6000 panel, MPC-7000 panel, or RSE-300 power supply with built-in sync protocol. The Series Z appliances are “Special Applications” listed with panels. The base plate is protected by a disposable cover and the appliances can quickly snap onto the base after the walls are painted. The EZ Mount Universal Mounting Plate (ZBB) uses single plate for both ceiling and wall mount installations. ADA/NFPA Compliant. Red.

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BIMobject Category: Electronics - Communication
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