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XJ-L Busway System

Unique ref.: siemens-104
Brand: Siemens US
Product family: Power Distribution
Product group: XJ-L Busway System
Date of publishing: 2017-01-17
Edition number: 1
XJ-L Busway is available up to 400A. First introduced in 1960, XJ-L Busway continues to be the leading power distribution solution for demanding applications that require reliable, high quality power. XJ-L Busway is the optimal choice for both contractors and users concerned with designing superior electrical systems that require a high plug density and optimal space utilization.

  • Compact size – small cross section for applications where busway routing is constrained
  • Joint Connection – dual spring clamp assemblies ensure reliable, maintenance-free joints
  • Safety – plug-in outlets are IP2X finger safe (optional XOC outlet covers increase system to IP40)
  • Reliability – fundamental design has a 60 year history of reliability
  • Service – simple snap together installation, maintenance free joints, factory stock of critical components and large distribution inventory of bus plugs ensure quick and easy serviceability
  • Compatibility – the full range of XJ-L bus plugs are interchangeable between 100A, 225A and 400A busway

Key Features
  • Up to twelve 100A bus plugs can be installed per 10’ of plug-in busway. Plug-in busway can be configured with six plug-in openings per side (standard) or twelve on each side (high density).
  • Bus plugs are readily installed on energized busway and are fully interchangeable between 100, 225 and 400A configurations.
  • Bus plugs are available with fusible or circuit breaker disconnects, configured in a wide variety of optional receptacles, branch circuit breakers, drop cords, power monitoring, indicator lights, etc.
  • Bus bars are solid copper (98% conductivity) and tin plated for superior electrical performance and corrosion resistance (optional silver plating is also available). The solid bus bar design provides superior short circuit strength compared to channel style conductors and cable.
  • Totally enclosed steel housing is robust, guarding against incidental contact and contamination of live parts. Enclosed box design will not twist or distort during bus plug installation.
  • Installation is fast and easy. Joint connections simply snap together without special tools, housing couplers, or bus connectors.
  • Suitable for horizontal and vertical mounting and under-the floor applications.

NOTE: Please download the .RVT Project - this includes all the families needed to design the Busway, and is designed to simplify the design process. If you wish, you may also download all XJ-L Busway families for the complete set of components needed for the Busway layout. Refer to the video for more detailed instructions, and to the XJ-L Selection and Application Guide.

Please download the Busway Instructional Video - click here.

To download a Siemens Revit Families Introduction tutorial video click here.

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BIMobject Category: Electrical - Distribution
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North America
  • United States

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