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    Content creation with BIMscript® at AU

    At this years edition of Autodesk University in Las Vegas, BIMobject will host a session where visitors will be able to try out the app BIMscript®, and get a hands on experience with creating their own parametric BIM objects.

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    Together, we are moving technology forward at high speed

    Emil Augustsson works as a Digital Content Manager and product responsible for BIMscript® & LENA. He has been employed at BIMobject’s Malmö office since january 2015. After graduating as a civil engineer from LTH Helsingborg, he has taken part of BIMobject’s fast growth.

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    BIMscript™ a new worldwide standard for objects

    A smart and open script for objects has been a dream for all, a vision for some, but for us, it is part of our MISSION!

    BIM is about collaborative information management and increasing the ability to spread know-how to all parties. Cloud and object technology give us new ways to resolve this going beyond “ordinary” BIM or simple BIM objects that are made out of a set of properties connected to simple geometry and sometimes these properties are without values (object authors want the designers to fill it out!)

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    BIMscript™ and LENA

    We are very proud to uncover the next part of the future!

    With the release of BIMobject® LENA for Rhino and BIMscript™, we can now offer partners, 3rd party developers, manufacturers and even users of the new platform - Hercules - a new streamlined process to transition from Mechanical CAD to intelligent BIM objects, managed through cloud services.

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