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The future of the digital supply chain

We are proud to present Hugo Dorph, Group Commercial Director at Solar A/S, as one of the speakers at BIMobject LIVE 2017 in Malmö, October 10-11. With a background in IT he has brought a fresh pair of eyes to the construction industry, one of the last industries to enter the era of digitalisation.

During his whole career, Hugo Dorph has been working with business transformation and business development, helping companies leverage new technology to improve business. Coming from the IT industry to Solar A/S, he found himself in a new and traditionally very conservative industry, on the verge of a technological revolution.

“For my speech at BIMobject LIVE 2017, I will use my outsider perspective to focus on the problems I see in today’s value chain, and to propose new ways of working.”

Hugo points out the importance of keeping up with the rapidly changing conditions, and warns companies of lagging too far behind when it comes to embracing BIM, the new technologies and all the possibilities that they bring.

“This is an era of disruption and we all need to adapt. Those who do not realise the potential of the new technologies and adopt them will simply not survive.”

Coming from a different background, Hugo observes that for the construction industry to catch up with other industries in terms of modernisation and digitalisation, a drastic shift in culture needs to take place.

“We really need to leave the culture of opposition and competition behind. Instead we need to embrace a new kind of openness, in order to create a culture of integration and cooperation.”

Hugo stresses that herein lies a great part of the challenge - people who are used to competing with each other to get an as large part of the total benefit as possible, will now need to interact and cooperate on a whole new level.

“As executives in this industry we need to adopt a new mindset. There has clearly been too much focus on short term gain, resulting in the long term productivity suffering.”

In his speech at BIMobject LIVE in Malmö October10-11, Hugo Dorph will present a new way of thinking, and exemplify how Solar puts it into practice by cooperating with all the different players of the supply chain - from architects and designer to manufacturers and engineers.

“We need to alter how the whole value chain functions and keep our eyes on long term gains. We must trust that we all have competences that will be relevant in the future value chain; we can’t protect status quo, just because we feel threatened.”

Hugo acknowledges that change always requires effort, but he is confident that this is the only reasonable way to proceed, and that this way of working will not only produce better outcomes in terms of better project results, but also in terms of commercial gains for all parties in the end.

“To succeed, we need executives who are committed and engaged, we need pilot projects to test drive the new technology and we need tighter collaboration and integration between the disciplines.”

He stresses the importance of not waiting for BIM to be a “finished” plug and play-product. Firstly, because that will never happen, and secondly, because waiting means companies will be stuck with an outdated company culture.

“One of the benefits of being the last industry to join the digital revolution, is that there are a lot of other industries that are ahead of us and that we can look at and learn from.”