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The BIMobject® Blog

Case study: Sweco and BIMobject

"To be able to download manufacturer-specific objects saves us a lot of valuable time"

Sweco is a leading European consulting company in technology and architecture, with a turnover of 16,5 billions SEK. Sweco offers a wide range of services within the areas of architecture, construction, infrastructure, IT, energy, installation and industry. We have talked to Johannes Bergström, who has been working at Sweco as a construction engineer for eight years. He uses the BIMobject Cloud in his work on a daily basis.

Why do you use the BIMobject Cloud?

The most important reason is that in the BIMobject Cloud we find the objects and the meta data, that before used to be scattered in a lot of different places, and with no guarantee of the quality of the information. Before we had to draw most of the content ourselves. Now we have this platform with vast selections of products in different versions, that can be used both on a metadata level and object level. I almost always find what I look for, and I know the objects are reliable and contains exact and accurate information.

What are the benefits of using BIMobject Cloud for you as a construction engineer?

I need correct information to be able to secure the quality of our projects, which means it’s incredibly important for me to have a platform that can guarantee that all information is accurate. The construction industry is still pretty conservative, and it takes time to implement new processes. But the trend is that analyzing starts increasingly early in the projects, which makes correct information crucial.

In what projects is the BIMobject Cloud useful to you?

I think a platform like BIMobject can play an important part in most projects and organisations. The possibility to get your own cloud-service also make it easier for us to organise and structure our own libraries in the cloud, instead of putting them on a server.

Does the BIMobject Cloud save you a lot of time?

Definitely! I don’t know how many mailboxes we have drawn for clients over the years, probably hundreds! To be able to just go to BIMobject.com and find the right products saves a lot of time, that we now can spend in a much better way. I hope that BIMobject will keep developing features and functions that simplify our day-to-day work at the same pace as they are to day.