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The BIMobject® Blog

BIMobject at BAU, Munich

BIMobject at BAU – O2O. The digitalisation clock is ticking. We want to thank you for your interest and for visiting our booth at BAU, 2017.

Even this year again, BIM was without a doubt the hottest topic at the kick-off event of the construction industry. No matter where you looked or listened, all the actors and experts agreed on one thing: BIM is on the advance.

The entire construction industry is in a process of change and creating BIM objects is the key to success. It is obvious that everybody involved in the building industry is affected. By providing BIM objects, you will support planners, engineers, and designers, and increase everyone's competitiveness including your own.

Are your products available as BIM objects on bimobject.com? If not, we would be pleased to help you with your BIM strategy. Contact us today!