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The BIMobject® Blog

Better BIM objects with our unique tools

"Our unique tools help users and suppliers design better objects"

Architect Laura Pavesi, Digital Content Manager and Sales Assistant at BIMobject Italy, is on her third year with the company and has gained deep insights about the crossing points of architecture, sales and technology. Working closely with the supplier side of the industry, she is passionate about delivering high quality digital content to her clients, constantly aiming to exceed the expectations of the suppliers as well as the BIM-users.

Why do you think the BIMobject Cloud is so popular among the BIM users?

Even if you're not familiar with any cloud service to begin with, all you need to do is make a simple search on Google and you'll find Revit- and ArchiCAD-objects in the BIMobject Cloud, it's super easy! But the biggest strength is that the objects are of such high quality, making them very reliable for the users. The fact that there is such a huge range of objects and brands to choose from is another benefit.

Why is BIMobject better than its competitors?

We offer complete and very reliable services that are all gathered in one place, which gives us a unique and disruptive position in the market. Whenever we detect a problem with one of the objects, we immediately support the suppliers with suggestions for improvements, so that the object can be updated immediately.

What new solutions are beneficial for the users?

Our new search tool allows the user to filter the content based on for example different categories, types of object and brands, and if you choose a category you can then choose to filter again based on the different properties of that particular category.

What are the user benefits of using BIM-objects in their projects?

The biggest benefit is of course that it saves them from having to create their own objects, saving them plenty of time and reducing the risk of making mistakes. Our tools help users and suppliers design better objects, and we provide simple feedback tools to assist them in the calculations. From the point of view of the architect, this is an enormous help in all design projects, and even if I'm not personally working with the BIM-objects that way today, I know it's what all my architect friends want and need.