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5 quick questions to Jack Meltzer from FLIR Systems, Inc.

FLIR Systems, Inc. develops and manufactures thermal imaging systems, visible-light imaging systems, locator systems, measurement and diagnostic systems, and advanced threat detection systems. We gave Jack Meltzer, director at FLIR Systems, Inc a call to check on how things are going.

For how long have you been present with your products in the BIMobject® Cloud?

We have been working with the BIMobject platform since the beginning of the year, and along with hosting, we will be using BIMobject for content creation.

What made you decide to turn your products into BIM objects?

The data that we get from BIMobject is very valuable to us. Being present on www.bimobject.com gives us demographic information about who our customers are, and about what product lines are most popular. This information gives us new ideas on what to create, based on who are customers are, and the platform helps us gather leads.

“With BIMobject we learn more about who our customers are, so we can adhere to what they want.”

Do you create your BIM content in-house, or do you outsource this service?

We outsource our content creation. Before the transfer of the American accounts from Autodesk to BIMobject we went with another company for content creation but I think we should have gone with BIMobject the first time around.

What is your overall experience with BIMobject as a company, so far?

It’s been amazing, really. Nothing but great things. What BIMobject offers is top tier and the employees are all around very helpful, proactive, and care about the client.

If you could give any suggestions that BIMobject could provide in the future or add, what would it be?

More industry education about BIM, about where BIM is going and where it will be in the future. Also, more education for the building owners, to explain why BIM gives you the most bang for your buck.