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“Our clients have been asking us to 'go BIM' for a long time."

Designtak is a Swedish manufacturer of stylish entrance roofs. We had a chat with Eddie Wingren, CEO at Designtak, about BIM, BIMobject and BIMscript® & LENA.

Designtak is kicking off the season with the launch of a wide range of entrance roof products on www.bimobject.com. Eddie Wingren sees the development of BIM objects as a natural step in the process of digitalising their offer, and becoming a useful source of expertise and information for specifiers.

“We work in close cooperation with constructors as well as architects, and it’s vital for us to be present and available with our products as early as possible in the design process”, he says.

Designtak’s decision to launch their products on www.bimobject.com was in response to a constantly increasing market demand for digital and accurate information.

“Our clients have been asking us to “go BIM” for a long time. We work with large construction companies, and they all need the products they use to be digitally available”, says Eddie Wingren.

Being a fairly young company with a strong focus on innovation and agility, Eddie Wingren explains that many of Designtak’s own products have been developed in direct response to requests from their clients.

“We see the BIMobject Cloud not only as a powerful selling tool, but also as a great tool for market research, where we can test-drive new products to get an indication of how attractive the market finds them.”

Today, Designtak’s market consists mainly of the nordic countries, and Eddie Wingren sees the launch on www.bimobject.com as a step towards becoming more international.

To develop their BIM content, Designtak has engaged a freelancing developer accredited to use BIMscript® & LENA.

“Creating the BIM objects has been a very smooth process. We are also using a BIMobject Product Site on our own website, which has been a great way to integrate and show our BIM objects on our own site.”

Eddie Wingren concludes that to Designtak, it was never a matter of “if” they were to start working with BIM objects, but rather a matter of “when”.

“The sooner the better, and I really think this is the only way to stay relevant in the market. To us it’s obvious that BIM is the future.”