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Pennant: Commercial Hydronic Boiler / Water Heater / Pool Heater

Unique ref.: laars-000001
Brand: LAARS Heating Systems
Product family: Hot Water Heat Generators
Product group: Pennant
Date of publishing: 2011-01-13
Edition number: 1
Type: Object (single object)
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The Pennant line of fan-assisted, modular boilers, volume water heaters and boilers from Laars Heating Systems ranks among the industry’s most versatile commercial systems for hydronic and hot water applications. Available in 7 sizes from 500 to 2000 MBTU/h, Pennant models run reliably on natural or LP gas and deliver efficiency levels up to 85%. Pennant systems are also environmentally friendly with NOx emissions below 10 ppm.

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BIMobject Category: HVAC - Boilers
This product is available in:
North America
  • United States

BIMobject SEEK Properties

HVAC - Boilers

Name Value
Heat Flow Rate 500 MBtu/hr | 750 MBtu/hr | 1000 MBtu/hr | 1250 MBtu/hr | 1500 MBtu/hr | 1750 MBtu/hr | 2000 MBtu/hr

LAARS Heating Systems


Name Value
Gas Connection Size 1-1/4" NPT | 2" NPT
Water Connection Size 2" NPT | 2-1/2" NPT
Air Inlet Connection Size 6" | 8" | 10" | 12" | 14"
Vent Outlet Connection Size 8" | 10" | 12" | 14"
Service Location Indoor | Outdoor
Energy Source Natural Gas | Propane Gas

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