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The BIMobject® Blog

    Upcoming Events in Poland

    Upcoming Events in Poland: BIMobject VIP Business Management Meeting / BIMobject training - Creating parametric BIM objects

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    Meet the BIMobject Team at BAU

    During January 16–21 2017, you will be able to meet the BIMobject Team at BAU in Munich – one of the world's leading trade fairs for architecture, materials and systems.

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    IFC from Archicad with BO parameters

    How to export IFC from Archicad with BO parameters

    Important: This works only in Archicad 19 or newer.

    1. Go to IFC Scheme Setup

    In Archicad 19:
    In Archicad 20:

    2. Choose Merge function from the list

    3. Open BO_Archicad_to_IFC_Scheme_settings.xml

    Download file here: BO_Archicad_to_IFC_Scheme_settings.xml

    4. In the IFC Scheme Setup window BO parameters should appear.

    5. Click ok.

    6. Save as ifc.

    BIMobject® Charity Project 2016

    No one can do everything, but everyone can do something

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    BIMobject Poland winner at the TOPBuilder Awards 2017

    We are very happy to announce that yesterday BIMobject Poland received an award at the TOPBuilder Awards 2017 for the BIMobject application that was created for the company Komandor.

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