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The BIMobject® Blog

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  • Month: June 2015
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    BIMobject Newsletter 2015-06-25

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    Building Content Summit

    BIMobject will attend Building Content Summit – Don't miss the chance

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    BIMobject Newsletter 2015-06-11

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    100 000 users on BIMobject Cloud!

    BIMobject® Cloud – now more than 100 000 professional users!

    BIMobject® is proud to announce that BIMobject® Cloud, the central database service and portal of the company, is now used by more than 100 000 professional architects, engineers, interior architects, specifiers, and construction companies.

    ”We are pleased to see an ever-growing influx of new users on BIMobject® Cloud,” says Stefan Larsson, CEO of BIMobject AB, ”and that the total number of professional BIM-users now has passed the 100 000-mark. That record is to be compared to some 30 000 users at the end of year 2013, a number that had risen to some 80 000 last turn of the year.”

    ”It’s important to note that users of the portal are mainly involved in business-to-business use” continues Stefan Larsson, ”that means that the assumed median purchasing power is infinitely much higher than on a consumer portal. We create more than 5 000 potential transactions for our product manufacturers every day, all around the year, all around the world.”

    Today, we are celebrating!

    Understanding the importance of single source of truth

    Using the internet as a distribution mechanism is a great opportunity, but it also have a backside what manufacturers have to be aware of. A professional approach to a digital marketing and maintenance strategy is a must before manufacturers just place BIM objects on any web page for download!

    BIM objects are at the end of the day, just that... files. Downloading any file from a web page or internet based cloud solution ends up in your local hard drive. The actual file in its current state, with all the functions and properties will be part of your local project file. From here on it all becomes more complicated.

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