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How BIM objects work

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Real products

All the BIM objects you find in our cloud based BIM object catalogue are based on real products. We always work together with the product manufacturers and we build the digital products as close to the physical AEC product possible both for 3D representation and with the correct product data and properties. You will find products from various branches and industries, but they are all tailored to be used for Building Information Modelling.

Real objects

All objects are real high quality BIM objects that are placed in the cloud so you can search, filter and locate what you need. The objects can be downloaded in various formats that the actual manufacturer has decided they want to support. This normally includes popular formats like Autodesk Revit, Artlantis (BIM Render) and ArchiCAD. Other formats that can be available are Sketchup, AutoCAD, IFC, Allplan, Bentley or 3D visuals like JPG’s and iVisit 3D.

Real business

Product manufacturers invest in BIM objects to provide you as a BIM user with their real products as free content to your BIM system. Since it's all free, you are asked to register. Product manufacturers want to know that their investment in BIM object technology is useful and that it provides value for you as a BIM user. You will save a lot of time when using branded real BIM objects and the quality of your BIM model will increase radically.

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